• Features
    Completely dynamic, & Easy to manage from Admin Panel
    Custom develop your B2B script
    Comprehensive Product Details
    User friendly & good looking Admin Panel
  • Features
    Responsive user friendly & good looking design
    Template based script
    Comprehensive Category Management
    Multi-Language Script
  • Features
    Fully Customizable Site Design and HTML
    Private Forum, Resources and Business Directory
    Success Stories & Trade Shows
    Multi-Vendor Store / Landing Store Page
  • Features
    Customizable Item Display
    Different Membership Levels
    Supports Multiple Payment Gateways
    Complete Internal Messaging
  • Features
    Customized Product Search and site Browsing
    Unlimited Members Account
    Sub-Domain facility for each member
    All Web Browser Compatibility

Welcome to b2b script

EC21 Clone B2B Marketplace Script is a wonderful solution to launch your own business to business and b2c site. Script is packed with lot of features to provide a very sound foundation to your trading portal site. B2B trading Marketplace script is perfect to launch your own top quality trading portal.

Now it's your turn to create an efficient, trusted (web based) platform for B2B, B2C and / or B2C Marketplace to connect small and medium-sized buyers and suppliers from all around the world under your own domain. EC21 Clone B2B Script is developed keeping in mind that, all the necessary features for Buyers, Sellers & Traders may look for. Therefore, it is extremely flexible to customize according to your needs using the power of administration, preference and setting which provides full control over the website like structure management, templates, server side forms, intelligent search and statistics to the administrators. You can earn revenue from your site by converting the traffic into ads and premium membership charges.

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Key Features to keep you one step ahead

SEO Friendly links

EC21 Clone B2B Script has been designed and developed keeping it SEO in mind. We've focused on specific technical aspects of building this portal script so that it remains structured for both search engines and human visitors alike.

Power of Search

We know you are planning to play with huge listing, large datasets, tons of leads and number of companies which is going to be phenomenon.Therefore we made your plan achievable by allowing very powerful search and sorting algorithm. You can enjoy the power of intelligent search to frontend, admin and members area what allows you to find the most accurate and particular leads within the very short span of time.

Company landing site

One of the most significant aspects of EC21 B2B Marketplace Script is each members will have a landing store page designed with respective logo, company name and membership information. It’s more like a storefront page where a company or members can publish their profile, products, offers, contact info, receive inquiry and many more. Each member will have their sub-domain for example http://nokia.yordomain.com. We are constantly upgrading the storefront page to look more features rich so that, it would looks like a full featured landing websites under your domain. This creates values to your customer and allows you to get better SEO attention seems like you host many landing sites under your own B2B marketplace.

Security Enhanced

We understand that, EC21 B2B web portal is one of the most favorite places for spammers where security and spam protection is extremely important. Keeping the security aspect in our mind, we have added extra layer of control to protect from spammers and hackers.
Therefore we made your plan achievable by allowing very powerful search and sorting algorithm. You can enjoy the power of intelligent search to frontend, admin and members area what allows you to find the most accurate and particular leads within the very short span of time.

Power of Listing Page

The administrator is free to create the packages for the customers he prefers. The packages can differ on price, the number of days in which the ads/listing expire, featured ads (they show up with different background and always on top of the search results), time of approval etc. Having different packages can increase the profits of the website owner by offering the services to the customers they need.

How to Earn with this script ?

  • 1) Google Ads.
    2) Private/Public Ads.
    3) Membership Charges.
    4) TrustPass & Certificate Verification Charges.
    5) Featured Partner Charges.
    6) Featured Products & Featured Sell Offers Charges.
    7) Top Paid Listing Charges
    8) Email Marketing, By sending emails to your members.
    9) You will improve your products sell by using this script.
    10) More traffic more sell !

    Make an investment in your business and your future right now!
    You'll be glad that you did.

    Enjoy with EC21 B2B Script :-).

Customers says

  • It is quite obvious that Script is developed by a company that has in-depth knowledge of traders needs. You don’t need any html knowledge to implement this software. All listings and pages are search engine optimized...

    DN Blogger, Spain

  • Hands down...i've never seen better customer support than what u offer!!...Congrats man!! thanks again for all....

    Marc Siegel, USA

  • Not everyone who sees the potential in trading has the ability to create their own trading website. I am computer illiterate, so finding this script was a blessing.

    John from Canada